About Us

Greeting from the Rohners:

The reasons we have created this site is to 1) correct the record as to our involvement
with the Papp Engine, 2) verify and attest to what we observed, and 3) decide what
should be done. Much of what we have to say can be easily understood or verified by
viewing the collection of short videos on the following page. Other items can be verified
through the open or classified data pages.

All engines you see running on anybody's videos were built right here at  Rohner
Machine by myself and my brother Tom. The dynamometer you see in all the videos is an
AW Tractor tester I purchased right here in West Liberty and mounted for Joe.

When contracted to build these engines Tom & I each concentrated on our fields of
expertise to build and successfully run  the Papp technology engine. Tom dealt with the
electronics while I worked on the mechanical engine.

Tom spent many weeks and months learning the secrets from Papp to control the timing
and excitation required to make the engine run. From knowledge learned from Papp, Tom
created sophisticated electronics to precisely control components and provide a unique
digital & RF signature to massage and energize the gases. Its true function was for the
most part  completely hidden and non-reproducible, except by Tom or Papp.

“Papp provided me some last minute changes so the fuel could be mixed within the
cylinder. Over the years numerous engines were built by others, they tried to reproduce
the electronics. They thought they understood the magic, not one ever worked. Papp
said before he died it would take both Rohner’s to make it run."

Bob's mechanical design was no less elegant requiring some unique and sophisticated
design work. The key element was of course the sealed upper chambers and the
mounting of the electrodes and anode/cathode buckets.

"Having designed the complete mechanics of the engines, I can say without reservation
that there was no intake or exhaust  and there was no way to modify the engine to allow
for this.  This coupled with the original engine utilizing an alternator rather than a
generator rules out all known methods of driving this engine."  In the videos you will
see this engine producing 800 ft-lbs of torque. You will see it producing over a hundred
horsepower at 850 rpm.  You will see Papp scooting the motor around to prove the is no
huge motive force hidden somewhere.

Tom and I watched this engine run many times, sometimes for hours on end. We assured
ourselves that there was no external connections driving the motor. Even if there had
been, there was nothing to drive. The starter would have been obvious. The alternator
would not function as a motor. There certainly was no internal room to install any sort of
drive mechanism.  In fact, we completely tore the engine down after a test run to correct
a small mechanical malfunction and found nothing out of the ordinary.  Because the
chambers were sealed, the engine would only go poof one time if any attempt was made
to run in on some flammable gas.

We are always asked why we never pursued this project on our own after Papp died. The
answer is of course money.  During this time period, oil and gas were cheap. There was
no large amount of pressure to develop new fuel replacements. Engine ideas such as
this were more of a curiosity than a necessity.  Papp's actions while he was alive did not
serve to create a lot of confidence in investors. The idea of any sort of cold fusion
process was considered to be starwars fiction by the scientific community.

Unfortunately this project has been surrounded by scammers and psuedo-scientists
who continue to make outlandish claims. Among these are claims that we did not
design and build these engines. So straight from Papp himself we present his credits
and praise.  
Tom Rohner died in March after a long and painful battle
against pancreatic cancer.  In death as in life he made a
large impact, volunteering for cutting edge protocols. Tom
is leaving a large void in both the personal life of all who
knew him and the Rohner Group which relied on his honest
abilities and technical expertise.

Tom was the sole designer of the control system used on
the Rohner version of the Papp Engine. The only engines
built by any entity since 1975 that became operational. He
worked many months both alone and with Joseph Papp to
refine the controls as presented in the 1972 patent.