Rohner Machine and the Papp Engine

        Welcome from the Rohner Group, LLC

I am Bob Rohner president of the Rohner Group, LLC. We have created this
web site for the purpose of discussing what is known about the Papp Engine
and presenting some compelling video of its history, creation, and operation.
My brother Tom as well as I were associates of Joseph Papp for years. All of
the engines you see running in any of the videos were designed and built by
us. I hope you enjoy your visit. Please feel free to ask questions.

                           What is the Papp Engine ?

The principle of the Papp engine is basic and simple: A hermetic telescoping
gas chamber is filled with a relatively inexpensive, abundant, and harmless
charge of inert gases.  These gases are subjected to controlled electronic
pulses and radiation effects to create a powerful expansion as yet not
understood.  Removal or reversal of the pulses causes a contraction leaving
the gases ready to cycle again.  During this cycle electrons are released in
sufficient quantity to provide for the power requirements of the opposing
cylinder. This cyclic energy release is also not completely understood.

       What Can it do ?

The gases themselves are estimated to have a life cycle of up to 6,000 hours
of operation time. Since the Papp engine is not aspirated it is capable of
operating in any environment.  The engine appears to be torque limited to
around 800 ft-lbs in the tests irregardless of speed. At a 1000 rpm a two
cylinder will generate  approximately 150 HP.  The real maximum has never
been completely tested.  In simpler terms, you fill up your car with a charge
of inert gas, drive it eight hours a day for two years, and bring it in for
another recharge. All this time you are releasing nothing into the
atmosphere and taking nothing out.
Papp Engine - Abundant, Low Price Energy